Leo Cash

Abraham Lincoln '42

2015 Abraham Lincoln Hall of Fame Inductee

Leo Cash graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1942. He was an avid football player, but later found his true passion in wrestling. After high school, Leo joined the Navy and wrestled for the United States. His team was very good and went on to win many championships, including a national championship.

Leo became a mail carrier and the president of the Letter Carriers Union. He fought for raises for mail carriers all the way to Washington, D.C.

In addition to his career in the U.S. Postal Service, Leo spent 52 years umpiring softball games He said he was “thrown into umpiring” but thoroughly enjoyed what he did.

Even more notably, Leo also started a wrestling league in Council Bluffs. Again, he was sort of “thrown into it,” but Leo loved what he did. The league started small but grew quickly. Leo was very passionate about wrestling and it definitely showed. Many of the young boys who were
involved in the league still remember Leo and his dedication to the sport.

Leo could recall several occasions when he would be stopped by strangers who remembered him from when they were younger and involved in his league. These kids were not only involved, but they were good. There is no doubt about the level of inspiration that was involved
with the organization and the level of selfless dedication Leo had with his teams. He continued his passion for about 25 years before he retired. His wife, Lloydine recalled him not being home most of the time because he was so dedicated to what he did.

Another prominent success in Leo’s life was his lengthy involvement with the American Legion. When Leo’s father died young, the American Legion helped Leo’s family. From that point on, Leo knew he wanted to be a part of the American Legion. He was an active member for many years, donating many hours as a volunteer.

Leo’s wife shared that Leo had once said “when I go, I can say I am happy because I got to do everything I wanted in my life. I have had a good life.” Indeed Leo has done many wonderful things and has done lots of good for his community and communities around him, which is why
today Leo is undeniably the perfect candidate for the Hall of Fame.

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