ALHS Hall of Fame Inducts Three New Members

March 30, 2017

Abraham Lincoln students prepared biographies for the program:

Gale Wickersham (Wick, as he has become known to his friends) attended Franklin and Myers Elementary Schools, Eastside Jr. High School and Abraham Lincoln High School, graduating in 1967.

Gale’s journey through high school was at best difficult and challenging, both personally and academically.  Today Gale would certainly fall into the category of students we call “at risk”.  Gale worked several jobs in the community and on his family farm. While at Abraham Lincoln, Gale found that involvement in ROTC, Red Cross and the school newspaper helped him keep some interest in school. After high school graduation, he worked various jobs while attending Sioux Falls College and later Kearney State College in Nebraska.  While in Kearney, Wick began working night shifts driving for Yellow Freight Co.   In 1971, Gale moved to Omaha and began working for American Transport Inc., dispatching trucks nationwide, a background that would be the basis for his future endeavors. Read more of Gale’s story.

David (Dave) Edwards graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1973. He has a passion for his business, family and faith.

After graduation, Mr. Edwards didn’t waste any time. He started working at Union Pacific Railroad. After about six months, he began selling cars at McIntyre Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs. Mr. Edwards considers himself lucky to have been able to work alongside Bob McIntyre and Tim O’Neal as they mentored him as a young salesman. As he worked his way up through the organization, he bought a percentage of the dealership that is now known as Edwards Nissan. Although the Oldsmobile brand is long gone, Mr. Edwards still owns the place where he first started working selling cars. He was able to do that with his passion for his business. Read more of Dave’s story.

Josephine Widtfeldt- Moore graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1967, and worked in a secretarial position before her career with the government began in 1970, She worked in the Operation Plans Department at Strategic Air Command with the Air Force on Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Transitioning from the Air Force to the Army in 1984, Josephine found herself at the Main Post in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Working for the Garrison Chaplain, she owned multiple titles, from secretary, administrative assistant, religious support assistant, to the director of Outreach Ministries. This is where she effectively began utilizing her resources to provide to thousands of military families throughout Fort Huachuca over a span of her thirty-one years in service at this base. Many military families are in need of financial support, especially moving from base to base, and Josephine recognized this and devoted her time on Fort Huachuca to better the lives of these families. Read more of Josephine’s story.