Building History

Historical School Building Map

The Council Bluffs School District has been in existence since 1864. Throughout that storied history, our Alumni have attended a variety of different buildings. As part of the Alumni & Friends programming our goal is to connect Alumni to the school district, and a little nostalgia is always fun!  The map below is designed to capture just a little bit of that history and connect the “then and now” of the educational facilities.  You will find photos of the buildings, the years that each served students and a little bit about the how and why behind each building was named.

Please note: this resource is a work in progress and improvements and additions will be made along the way as information is gathered. Our Alumni are gracious enough to share their history, memories and photographs, so as we receive more information we will be sure to add as appropriate. Just like our current students, we learn something new every day!

Information found on this map has been taken from variety of sources, as listed on the map description. To learn more about each school, select the box located in the upper right hand corner of the map below to expand the viewable area. From there, all of the buildings are listed on the menu on the left side, or click on each of the flagged locations. Buildings marked with an orange tag are buildings from Council Bluffs School District history and blue flags represent buildings that are still writing history and presently serving students. As you review the history, and find you have information or photos to share, please send them to, we would love to add to the resource.

The resource will be updated as information is presented, so be sure to stop back and see what’s “new”!